Why Should You Consider an Addiction Intervention Specialist?

Addiction Intervention Specialist

When a loved one struggles with substance use disorder, friends and family can be lost in how to help. A substance abuse interventionist, however, can provide help for drug addiction for a family member. Working together, a drug intervention specialist and loved ones hold an Intervention to persuade a person to seek help. 

What is an Addiction Intervention Specialist?

An addiction intervention specialist provides help for the family of a loved one struggling with substance use disorder. They step in and guide families in planning an intervention, making healthy decisions, and choosing the best treatment facility. Because a substance abuse specialist has additional training in drug and alcohol misuse, they can assess a person’s addiction, relationship with family, and the type of treatment needed. addiction intervention specialist

Furthermore, an interventionist can handle various addictions such as gambling, shopping, and substance use. As with all interventionists, an alcohol intervention specialist can have a range of credentials, experience, and qualifications. However, a good interventionist has a great deal of knowledge, capabilities, and above all connections. These qualities ensure a smooth and immediate transition from a successful intervention to entering a treatment facility. 

When Should You Consider Hiring a Substance Abuse Interventionist?

If you are considering an interventionist for help for drug addiction for a family member, you are not alone. Although many families like to keep addiction struggles private, when all else fails, reaching out to an alcohol intervention specialist is often the last resort. When friends or family members are misusing substances, they turn into people you don’t recognize. 

People with substance use disorder may exhibit the following behaviors and problems.

  • Angry or defensive
  • Avoids friends and families
  • Personality changes
  • Borrowing money
  • Finance and career issues
  • Legal problems

Family members become emotionally invested. Some may be angry or hurt by the behaviors of their loved ones. Although the feelings may be warranted, it prevents families from coming together. Therefore, when families hold an intervention without an interventionist, they fail to deliver a cohesive message hence an unsuccessful intervention. 

A drug intervention specialist has a different perspective and helps organize thoughts and emotions to deliver the most impact. Interventionists also arrange treatment, handle paperwork, and ensure that everything is in place for a successful intervention. You should seek help for drug addiction for a family member as soon as you notice a problem, but they won’t seek help.

What Should You Look for in an Addiction Intervention Specialist?

Before hiring an interventionist to help with drug addiction for a family member, you must do your research. For example, not every interventionist is qualified to meet your specific needs. A poorly organized intervention can worsen the addiction and further damage relationships. For this reason, doing a little research is beneficial to the best outcome.

Credentials for Substance Abuse Interventionist

Before hiring someone, the most important thing you can do is check if the interventionist meets national requirements to practice. Every addiction intervention specialist must be a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP). Providing educational requirements and adhering to the strict code of ethics stops people from being taken advantage of in vulnerable times. 

Experience and Success Rates of Alcohol Intervention Specialist

For the best possible outcome in an intervention, you should hire an alcohol intervention specialist with proven success stories. So, ask the interventionist how many interventions they’ve held and how many positive and negative experiences they’ve had. The internet is also a helpful tool for finding reviews from previous clients.

Availability to Help for Drug Addiction for a Family Member

Substance use disorder is a time-sensitive issue. Waiting around while a loved one puts their life in danger is not an option. For this reason, if you find the perfect interventionist but they’re not available right away, then you have to keep looking. If you wait too long, the addiction can turn deadly.

Insurance Compatibility 

The cost of an addiction intervention specialist and treatment facility can quickly add up. For some, the price can interfere with help for drug addiction for a loved one. However, finding an interventionist who accepts your insurance can make it affordable. 

Family Involvement in Help for Drug Addiction for a Family Member

Experts and interventionists agree that addiction is a family disease. Someone struggling with addiction doesn’t always realize that it also affects their friends and family. For this reason, an intervention should involve everyone closely affected. Choose a drug intervention specialist who understands the importance of family involvement. 

What are the Phases a Substance Abuse Interventionist Should Go Through?

Once you find help for drug addiction for a family member, it’s essential to know the phases an alcohol intervention specialist will go through. The process should go as follows. 

Consultation with an Addiction Intervention Specialist

The first step after hiring an interventionist is the initial consultation. The drug intervention specialist will ask questions about how they can help your loved one. Interventionists also identify the roles and behaviors of family members. A family consultation includes an explanation of an intervention. It’s also the time for the family members to express their feelings about the intervention.

Intervention Assessment and Scheduling

When the family commits to the intervention, the interventionist will schedule the two to three days needed for the intervention. The family receives the assessment packet, and treatment plans are discussed. At the same time, the family receives guidelines for writing their intervention letters. It’s common for family members to get nervous or last-minute jitters, and that’s OK. The drug intervention specialist will answer all questions while keeping the intervention on track.

Interventionist Arrival and Family Meeting

Once the drug intervention specialist arrives, they will go over the intervention process with those involved. At the same time, the alcohol intervention specialist ensures the family understands how the addiction affects the user. 

The goal of this meeting is to help the family see how the addiction affects their behavior. At the same time, introducing strategies to encourage their loved ones to accept help. By the end of this meeting, families should understand how their lives revolve around comforting the user, along with the confidence in the boundaries they set.

The Intervention with the Interventionist, Family Members, and Substance User

During this phase, the addiction intervention specialist both facilitates and directs the intervention. The substance user is asked to sit and listen to the letters written by their friends and family. Setting boundaries is a significant part of these letters, and above all, they must follow through with these boundaries whether their loved one accepts help. The length of this phase can be short or long, depending on how the user responds. 

Acceptance or Refusal of Help

The person struggling with addiction can make one of two decisions; accept help or don’t. The alcohol intervention specialist should have prepared the family for either decision. If the loved one accepts help, they are taken straight to treatment, typically by the interventionist. 

If help is declined, then the family and interventionist regroup. After processing what is happening, they’ll continue the intervention. At this time, family members further explain the boundaries and consequences. Also, emphasizing the manipulation will no longer work. In the meantime, the group continues to achieve a successful intervention.substance abuse interventionist

Ongoing Support from the Substance Abuse Interventionist

No matter the outcome, the addiction intervention specialist, should help the family through their emotions. If help is declined, the family will need support in seeking their own therapy to heal and maintain boundaries. If help is accepted, the family will also need to seek treatment to learn healthy coping skills and maintain boundaries. 

Parents specifically may struggle when their child is in treatment. They may be enablers and struggle with not being able to help. Change is difficult, and an interventionist should be there till the end.

How Do You Find a Drug Intervention Specialist?

The Association of Intervention Specialists offers board certifications for interventionists. This organization also connects families with substance abuse interventionists in their area. Members of the AIS perform up to the required standards and have the proper education. 

Treatment centers and Addiction Intervention can also help connect families and an interventionist. Often, treatment centers work with specific interventionists that can meet specific needs. This collaboration makes for an easy transfer from intervention to treatment. 

Furthermore, interventionists are found via support groups. Various support groups are available to support families and friends of substance users. Members in these groups may have had a great experience and can recommend an alcohol intervention specialist. 

At times, it’s crucial to find an addiction intervention specialist who has specific qualifications. For instance, the user may be suicidal or violent and require someone with experience with this issue. While other interventionists specialize in addiction and co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 

Get Help For Drug Addiction for a Family Member Today

Nearly 21 million Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. However, only about 1 in 10 users seek treatment. However, when using a substance abuse interventionist, the success rate is 90 percent. This number shows the importance of hiring a drug intervention specialist to help for drug addiction for a family member. 

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Holding an intervention is a recommended course of action for friends and families of people struggling with substance use disorder. Although this is the first step in recovery, it is often a necessary step. For more information or to find an addiction intervention specialist, Contact us today.