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Rehab Facilities in Arkansas

If you’re struggling to get your drug or alcohol use under control, you’re not alone. About 13,000 people in Arkansas each year seek help for their addictions. Alcohol, cocaine, and meth are the most frequently abused drugs in Arkansas. Drug-related deaths have risen steadily over the past few years, and more than 400 people in the state die from an overdose each year. Overdose deaths don’t even take into account the other costs of drug and alcohol abuse.

Find the Right Rehabs in Arkansas

Lost work, physical illness, fractured families, involvement with the criminal justice system and financial devastation are all part of the price you pay for your addiction. Fortunately, you can make a change without leaving the state. You can find Arkansas rehab facilities that will help you start a new, sober chapter of your life.

If you’re trying to help a family member, you know how difficult it is to convince them they need help. The following tactics may help you make the case.

  • Look for drug rehabs in Arkansas that offer medical detoxification. Many substance abusers are afraid going into detox will cause agonizing withdrawal symptoms. Medically supervised detox will prevent that.
  • Assure them their pets, children, or other loved ones will be taken care of while they’re away.
  • Reassure them of your support and belief in them.
  • Remind them of other goals that depend on their ability to stay clean, for instance, a desired career or beloved sport.
  • If necessary, get professional help from an interventionist.

When You Should Consider a Professional Intervention

You can increase your chances of getting your loved one into an Arkansas drug rehab center by hiring an interventionist. Professional intervention can often be the best way to help your loved one see the light.

Why does intervention work where your efforts have failed?

  • An interventionist is professionally trained to view the situation objectively and without the tangled emotions a family member might have.
  • The process includes training on the correct responses for you and other family members.
  • Interventionists use a no-nonsense approach that forces the substance abuser to make a choice.

You may have heard that people who go into treatment unwillingly are not good candidates for recovery. This is a myth. Statistics from court-ordered rehab facilities show that people who are coerced into treatment have the same success rates as people who enter treatment willingly.

How Do Drugs and Alcohol Affect Your Brain?

Why is it difficult to stop abusing drugs and alcohol? The simple answer is that these substances physically alter your brain chemistry.

When you first try a substance, you experience pleasurable sensations. It’s enjoyable. In response to this new substance, your brain develops new receptors for that substance. Your brain is now ready to create that same pleasurable feeling the next time you try the drug.

Unfortunately, the pleasurable sensations only happen the first few times you use the drug. After that, it stops being enjoyable. Your brain, however, still has those receptors, and your brain wants desperately to recreate those good feelings.

Rehab Facilities in Arkansas Understand Addiction

rehabs in arkansasAt this point, you’re taking the drugs simply to feed those receptors, even if taking the drug is no longer fun and you’re suffering terrible consequences for it. If you’ve heard substance abusers talk about “chasing a high,” this is what they mean. Eventually, your altered brain chemistry takes over the rational part of your brain.

It’s Not Hopeless

Does this sound like a hopeless situation? Although it may feel that way, it’s not. At an Arkansas drug rehabilitation center, you can get the trained, expert help you need to manage your physical, emotional and mental reactions to your chosen substance.\

Studies have found your brain can heal itself if you stop using drugs. After a year of abstinence, it’s possible to see changes in your brain structure as your mind and body get used to a life without drugs or alcohol.

Addiction Is a Disease

Addiction is a sickness that affects your emotional, psychological and physical health. The medical profession now considers addiction an illness rather than a failure of self-discipline or moral character.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of the American Psychiatric Association, which is considered the gold standard of mental health diagnoses, now classifies addiction as “substance use disorder.” This shows that substance abuse is a chronic disease and should be treated as one.

Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Do you have a mental disorder and a substance use disorder? This is a complicated diagnosis that requires specialized, intensive care. It may also require monitoring of any prescribed medications you’re taking. When you look for an Arkansas rehab center, be sure the center you choose specializes in dual diagnosis.

You should probably choose an inpatient drug rehab program in Arkansas or a partial hospitalization program.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arkansas

If you’re determined to get help for yourself or a loved one, you have many options. You can find rehab centers in Little Rock Arkansas and other areas of the state. If you’re concerned about leaving your family, drug rehab in Arkansas could be the solution that allows you to get treatment while staying close to home.

What can you expect from Arkansas drug rehabilitation services? Typically, you will find the following.

Medically Supervised Detox

In a medical detox or medically supervised detox, you withdraw from drugs or alcohol comfortably and safely without withdrawal symptoms. Most alcohol rehab centers in Arkansas offer medical detox.

Medical detox is not just more comfortable, it’s also medically safer than going “cold turkey.” Some drugs can cause serious side effects if you attempt to withdraw without medical supervision. Trying to suddenly stop severe alcohol addiction, for instance, can cause fatal side effects.

Detox is an excellent start. It gets all traces of the drugs out of your system, but it’s not enough on its own. To get rid of your substance abuse, you need ongoing treatment. Here are your options.

Addiction Help Online

You can find addiction help online. While online therapy can be helpful for ongoing, long-term support, it can’t replace the intense supervision of an inpatient or intensive outpatient program.

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Arkansas

Inpatient drug rehab is the classic residential treatment program where you live in a controlled environment. Most inpatient programs run 30, 60, or 90 days. Residential treatment is an excellent choice for people who feel their addiction is out of control, people with dual diagnoses, and people who don’t have a safe, supportive home environment.

In residential drug rehab Arkansas, you get:

  • A safe, drug-free environment.
  • Structured schedules.
  • Individual, group and family therapy.
  • Nutritious meals.
  • Management of your prescribed medications.
  • Peer support groups.
  • Opportunities to socialize with other residents.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is like a residential center, but you don’t live at the center. You get equally intensive treatment, and your days are highly structured.

Most PHP programs run six days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They may also require you to attend evening support group sessions. PHPs are an excellent choice if you want the intensive treatment of a residential center but don’t want to leave your home. It is the treatment of choice for people with dual diagnoses.

Your day will include:

  • Daily individual therapy sessions.
  • Group and family therapy.
  • Behavior management training.
  • Relapse prevention training.
  • Treatment for your mental disorders.
  • Attendance at support group meetings.
  • Help with life skills problems, including finding a job, managing money and dealing with the legal consequences of your addiction.

Outpatient Programs

There are several types of addiction therapy outpatient programs. In Arkansas, these include:

  • Treatment facilities that offer weekly individual therapy sessions
  • Sobriety support groups
  • Community health clinics that offer medication-assisted treatment, including methadone maintenance and Suboxone
  • Intensive outpatient programs

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) the Right Choice?

An IOP has many benefits. It allows you to keep your job, stay in school or maintain your family commitments. You can find a program that fits your schedule. Nobody ever needs to know you’re getting substance abuse treatment.

This is the right choice for people whose addictions are not out of control, don’t have a dual diagnosis, have supportive home environments, or have recently relapsed. Here’s what it typically involves:

  • Intensive, daily counseling sessions
  • Group therapy
  • Help with practical life skills
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Ability to live at home or in a sober home
  • Ongoing aftercare

What Kind of Treatment Will You Get at Rehab Facilities in Arkansas?

Are you curious about what kind of treatment you will get at rehab centers in Little Rock Arkansas? Here’s what the best facilities in the state offer.

Science-Based Therapy and Counseling

Most treatment programs include therapy as part of their treatment plans. According to most research, the treatments that work best on substance abuse disorder are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Contingency management therapy
  • Family therapy and group therapy
  • Holistic therapies, including meditation and mindfulness

What You Should Know About Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction Therapy Works

It’s hard to feel hopeful when you’re dealing with substance use disorder, but you can feel hopeful about treatment. It works, and millions of former addicts are a testament to that.

It isn’t overnight, and it isn’t easy, but it is effective.

Isn’t the Relapse Rate High?

rehab facilities in arkansasYes, the relapse rate is high for substance abuse treatment. There are, however, two things to consider when you think about relapse rates.

One, remember that substance abuse is a chronic illness. Like other chronic illnesses, it can have periods when it is in remission. If you have arthritis, lupus, diabetes, or another chronic illness, you may have flare-ups, but you may also have long periods of time when you feel great.

Some chronic illnesses have no cure, but that doesn’t mean you give up. You don’t stop treating an illness just because one treatment didn’t work.

Two, even periodic abstinence can greatly improve a substance user’s life. Studies have found that substance users who can stay sober for six months or longer show improvements in many areas of their lives. Their health improves, their relationships improve, their finances begin to get stable, they develop a steady work history, and they avoid jail and other legal consequences. Over time, those improvements continue.

Any time spent off drugs is good for you. If you continue to relapse, find a treatment center that focuses on relapse prevention and long-term recovery support.

How Will You Pay for Treatment at Drug Rehab Centers in Arkansas?

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

Almost all employer-paid health plans include coverage for addiction and substance abuse treatments. Find out which rehabs in Arkansas accept your insurance.

Private Health Insurance

If you got health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, your provider is required to cover substance abuse treatment.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid will pay for inpatient or outpatient treatment at a licensed facility. Some drug rehab centers in Arkansas don’t accept these plans. Check with the treatment center first.

Medical Credit Cards

You can apply for a medical credit card to pay for treatment that your insurance doesn’t cover. Your Arkansas drug rehabilitation center may accept this credit card. CareCredit is the best-known medical credit card.

Payment Plans

Some drug rehabs in Arkansas have their own in-house financing plan. You may be able to make monthly payments during or after treatment.

Take Care of Yourself

Coping with a loved one’s addiction can cause you enormous stress. Sometimes, focusing on their substance use disorder has left you with little time or energy to focus on other family members or yourself.

If you’re frantic over a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction, it’s time to let an Arkansas drug rehab center take over. Let them provide the medical care and counseling your loved one needs while you return the focus to your own needs. You may want to find a support group or therapist who can help you deal with this painful situation.

The following support groups can help family members and people with substance abuse:

You can also refer to the Family and Medical Leave Act’s website to learn more about leaving your job for treatment. The Affordable Care Act website can also provide you with information on how to pay for treatment.

Find the Right Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arkansas

Choosing a treatment facility depends on your needs, budget, and insurance coverage. If you’re confused, we can help. Contact us to talk to one of our specialists. They will help you find the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in Arkansas.