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Nevada Drug Treatment

It’s likely that the first thought that comes to mind when with the mention of Nevada is Las Vegas. While it’s one of the main attractions in the state, the bright lights and captivating crowd are just the surface. What lies beneath is a community, made up of over 3.8 million people, each with their own daily routines. Just like the rest of the country, Nevada is no stranger to substance abuse and addiction, despite its public glory.  

Nevada: Shaded By Its Reputation

nevada drug treatmentNevada is no stranger to the notoriety of substance abuse and questionable decision-making, based on its reputation. However, there is more to Nevada’s drug epidemic than that. In fact, there is much more to the community than the gambling showbiz culture overall. Communities, families, and neighbors strive to make their home state a safe and enjoyable place to grow. Still, as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, its reputation precedes itself. 

With the coming and going of visitors, vacationers, gamblers, and those looking for some fun, intoxication, and addiction is inevitable. The market for illicit drug use only further increases the demand for distribution. Often this entices some locals, as a means of fast cash, yet steady revenue. Not only luring in addictive substances by the truckload but also, consumers. 

In 2020, Nevada was ranked 9th in the United States for the use of illegal substances, and 16th affected by the epidemic. Because of this, Nevada drug treatment efforts have never been more important to preserving the wellbeing of the state’s residents. 

Nevada’s Addiction Issue Affects All Ages

Although easy to assume that substance abuse trends are higher for those partaking in the Las Vegas culture, demographics vary. In fact, it is especially the young adult population that requires the most amount of attention. This can be devoted partly to the mass availability of addictive substances, far from sparing Nevada’s youth. Yet more likely, contributed to a large number of individuals between ages 12 and 18 that make up the population. 

In one metropolitan area, making up only 16.8% of Nevada’s total residents, a survey performed evaluated a youth demographic. An average was reported, around 233,000 individuals, that have used or experimented with substances within that year. 

Nevada’s entire population of individuals between 12 to 18 years came in averaging around 200,000. This includes the aforementioned metropolitan population. In perspective, that’s more than 16.8% of the youth population that had admitted to becoming intentionally intoxicated. If put in one place together, it would measure every youth in that particular Nevada metropolitan area. Keep in mind, this all occurred before the age of 18, and in just one year. 

Most Widely Abused Substances Threatening Nevada

Just like much of the nation, the opioid epidemic threatens the lives of Nevada’s residents. In 2018, the opioid overdose rates resulting in death were recorded at 372 in a year’s time. Coming in 3rd was 2013, which topped over 400, and 2011 at over 450 deaths contributed to overdose. 

The declining trend does spread an encouraging message as to the effectiveness of Las Vegas drug rehab. Yes still, there is a long way to go. Substances affecting the lives of those that call Nevada home include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamine 
  • Heroin
  • Prescription medication
  • Cocaine/Crack

Because of the notoriety that the area receives, rehab centers in Las Vegas Nevada do their best to stay engaged. To serve the residents of the area suffering from addiction, it’s important to reach and educate as many as possible. Making sure to offer specific programs for each individual, Nevada drug treatment efforts continue to take a stand against addiction. This benefits both the year-round community residents and provides a greater level of safety for visiting tourists and guests. 

Location Is the Biggest Hurdle for Nevada Drug Treatment

While addiction and overdose have been recorded as the most devastating outcome of substance abuse, it’s not Nevada’s only threat. Another major issue affecting the area is the location of the state itself. Just shy of the Mexican border, at the southernmost tip, lies another concern. There, the trafficking of illicit substances is not only plentiful but extremely accessible. Not only the use of these deadly substances burden the Silver State, but also drug trafficking crime getting it there. 

Because of the mass amounts of tourism coming and going through Nevada, there are many opportunities for transporting drugs. Lost within the shuffle, distribution is made even less of a hefty task, due to money-hungry, willing, participants. Considering that the demand for substances to fuel abuse and addiction is so alarmingly high, there’s an abundant revolving current. 

While law enforcement does its best to target and apprehend as many drugs as possible, the outlets are endless. The flooding of tourism provides a mask of protection, eluding blockades, then resurfacing within the community to be marketed.

Cornered in the Line of Drug Trafficking

Likewise, sharing a border on the west is another area of attraction, the state of California. Due to their large population and demand for a surplus of illicit substances, Nevada serves as an ideal middle between. Moving copious amounts of heroin, cocaine, and meth is even less interrupted thanks to steady distribution and import flow. Moving large amounts of drugs into and through Nevada, in uniform containers and tractor-trailers, is much more common and underestimated. 

Las Vegas Nevada Drug Laws 

In order to protect those residing within the state, Nevada law and lawmakers enforce strict punishment on drug-related crimes. Specifically, those in possession of illegal substances who intend to distribute, face the most severe sentences. Although being in possession of addictive substances is still considered illegal, Nevada law enforcement places focus on the largest issue. 

The factor that has the most impact on the drug market, would be how it is brought in and sold. Weakening the extremely accessible market would destabilize the convenience of the operation, but is not as easy as it sounds. To ensure an equally devastating deterrent is in place, a swift promise of penalty is necessary.

Punishment for drug-related crimes is based on the schedule of the drug, as opposed to only the circumstances of arrest. Therefore, if an individual is found in possession, with the intent to distribute drugs, in any classification, there is consistency. The placement of drugs depends on a system known as the “schedule” of the addictive chemical. Drugs are placed in each category in terms of how easily addictive and abusable they are. 

Nevada Drug Schedules and Punishment

Rehab centers in Las Vegas often design treatment intensity around the Schedule of the substance being abused. This is because the lower the schedule, the more addictive the substance is considered. Yielding, that a higher intensity of rehab intervention will be needed to establish sobriety and recovery. Though several factors may influence treatment options at a Las Vegas drug rehab, the law does not waver enforcing discipline. 

Essentially, Schedules 1 through 3 are considered the most severe, one being most highly addictive. Schedule 1 specifically, is regarded as having no legal means to exist. Meaning, it’s not considered safe and suitable even in the most controlled settings. Such examples would be within a hospital or for pain management or lifesaving extremes. These drugs are just simply dangerous in every sense. This is the classification that heroin would fall into. 

Within schedules 2 and 3, substances range from morphine to anabolic steroids. All are highly addictive and illegal without proper medical care, and all at risk of abuse.  However, they are in fact on the list to be administered in rare but necessary medical procedures. 

Schedules 4 and 5 contain many prescription medications administered by professionals to treat illnesses such as anxiety or seizures. However, just because they may be considered medically necessary to those with an illness, does not make them less addictive. In fact, prescription medications are of the most prevalently abused substances in Nevada after opioids. And opioid prescriptions, nearing the top. 

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Nevada

One of the most popular options for addiction therapy is a residential program at an inpatient drug rehab in Nevada. Often recommended for the most severe and ongoing addictions, this style of care is especially focused on sobriety. 

While within the rehab facility in Las Vegas, the individual will have the opportunity to temporarily set up residence. This is important for those living in areas of Nevada where drug activity is excessive. Removing the addict from the temptation of substance abuse driving their addiction encourages opportunities to shift behaviors more comfortably. 

The care provided for those suffering from addiction consists of many different therapy avenues. Once enrolled in the program following evaluation and detox, rehabilitation can begin by addressing mental health during individual therapy. 

Addiction is a Disease and Must Be Treated as One 

For decades, addiction treatment centers have been available to escort recovery options for those willing to get sober. However, it wasn’t until May of 2013 that a substance use disorder was considered a mental illness. That’s right, addiction is a disease, and it’s been made official. 

Twenty years after the original publication, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was finally appropriately amended. This is the published manual used by mental health treatment professionals to assess, diagnose and treat on a linear basis. 

Regardless of the understanding that addiction had biological and psychological effects on an individual, it took time to recognize it. Since the amendment had been made, it had several effects on Las Vegas drug rehabs’ ability to provide addiction treatment. 

First, it reaffirmed an essential priority, being to destigmatize addiction and substance dependency. The lack of understanding and information provided about the illness made addicts less likely to come forward for help. Similarly, family and friends of the addict were also previously less likely to help their loved one get sober. This had to end, and in order to do so, proper education of Nevada residents was essential. 

Next, the adaptation of the DSM allowed for a greater effort of psychological treatment to be offered. This is due to substance use disorders being categorized as both behavioral and psychological illnesses with potential physical health risks. At Las Vegas Nevada drug rehab, addiction therapy is designed to include individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. This rounded out the methods used to treat the whole individual, putting mental health and addiction therapy as a priority. 

Therapeutic Intervention for Dual Diagnosis 

Part of treating addiction as a mental illness is to recognize the correlation between multiple illnesses. Oftentimes, those partaking in addiction therapy will reveal symptoms of an additional or co-occurring illness. When both the illness of addiction is identified,  along with a co-occurring psychological disease, it is called a dual diagnosis. 

Fortunately, rehab centers in Las Vegas are designed to care for mental illness needs within their facility. In doing so, this further benefits the overall health of the individual, to prepare their reintegration into the Nevada community. 

Treating a dual diagnosis is also an important part of the program to avoid relapse. Left unmanaged, many illnesses such as depression and anxiety can worsen or evolve over time. When this happens as an individual is working to remain sober, the underlying illness can act as a trigger. Fortunately, many mental illnesses qualified to be treated as a dual diagnoses are manageable with addiction therapy and/or medication. Under the compassionate care of a Las Vegas Nevada rehab specialist, dual diagnosis screening is considered part of the program. Consequently, it is available to anyone seeking addiction care in the State of Nevada. 

Outpatient Drug Rehab Las Vegas Nevada

Another popular option for addiction therapy and treatment within Nevada is to participate in outpatient treatment for substance dependency. While it is considered just as intensive as an inpatient treatment program, it does come with a bit more freedom. That said, it is going to be up to the discretion of the specialist upon evaluation to make that determination. 

There are some circumstances where outpatient care is most beneficial to the individual. For example, those who are solely responsible for their children could utilize this option to continue providing care. Others who may fit best into this program are those with a responsibility to maintain employment. 

Realistically, outpatient drug rehab is beneficial to maintaining the individual’s relationship with their Nevada community. Having available a means of support for long-lasting sobriety along the way contributes to making a meaningful change toward recovery.

Convincing a Loved One to Get Help From a Las Vegas Rehab

It can be difficult to watch someone you care about suffer from addiction. It can be even more difficult to convince them that they need professional care. This is when it may be time to consider staging an intervention

Rehab centers in Las Vegas Nevada have help available to those who consider hosting an event for their loved one. With step-by-step instructions, rehab professionals can guide you through the process. The best thing you can do to help them get help is to remind the addict how important they are. Taking the initiative to plan an intervention might be just the way. 

Being an Addict Isn’t Always as Clear to the Addicted 

Sometimes the individual suffering from an addiction is unaware of how badly their substance abuse is affecting their lives. This is when an intervention can become a bit tricky. In fact, interventions in themselves can be a very touchy subject if not properly prepared for and carried out. 

A successful intervention requires patience and compassion in a situation that has the potential to become less than comfortable. Make a list, set your intentions, be firm, and follow-through. Remember essentially, the goal is to make enough of an impact to inspire the will to get treatment at a Las Vegas drug rehab. 

Because interventions can be delicate and vulnerable, there is no shame in asking for help to prepare. Drug treatment centers in Las Vegas offer the option to utilize a professional interventionist to orchestrate the gathering. With their knowledge of the area’s community and societal expectations, and their experience leading others through the intervention.

Hooked on The Vegas Lifestyle

Especially, in an area as motion and thrill-oriented as Las Vegas, Nevada, many addicts are reluctant to see the error in their ways. Often while still in the cycle of intoxication and withdrawal, this will be difficult to convey. For some addicts, even when they are aware, they chose to ignore the many negative impacts of their addiction. 

This makes it important to utilize available resources to get help for the one that you love struggling. Las Vegas drug rehabs offer flexible addiction help online, as well as family therapy services to keep the conversation open. These methods of communication can be used as a segway into an intervention. 

Leaning on addiction treatment professionals for support can benefit the well-being of the entire family. The behavior of engaging as a unit can further encourage addicts to begin detox within a Nevada facility. 

From there, as the addict experiences withdrawal and begins to experience life sober, the healing can begin. It’s important that detox is performed in a drug detox Las Vegas professional care center. Despite the duration and severity of an addiction, there can be life-threatening side effects during the process. 

Detox in a Las Vegas Drug Rehab

Nevada drug treatmentNot only is it risky to undergo withdrawal and detox at home or alone, but it also doesn’t always result in success. Because withdrawal can be very rigid and painful, the process is often aborted. In addition, there may be life-threatening consequences requiring emergency medical intervention, and a lack of means to provide care. 

This is the importance of undergoing the process in a trusted facility, guided by rehab professionals, in Las Vegas. There, you will be provided a secure place to withdrawal, while overseen. However, understanding the vulnerability during this time, drug detox in Las Vegas facilities are private and discreet. 

In addition to around-the-clock care, medication may be added to your detox regimen when medically, emotionally, or physically necessary. This is what is known as medication-assisted therapy (MAT). 

When permitted the use of MAT during detox, the physician of a Las Vegas rehab will prescribe medications, soothing withdrawal. These drugs do come with some risk of dependency. Yet when properly monitored by a professional rehab center caregiver, it can dull the pain of withdrawal and temptation.  

Paying for Las Vegas Drug Rehab

One of the foremost concerns about addiction centers in Las Vegas, is how to go about affording rehab. Fortunately, there are quite a few resources available. Yet most often, primary health insurance is available to apply toward addiction treatment. 

While some providers require the maximum deductible is met before allowing financial coverage, this does not apply to all. Even still, the amount of deductible will be significantly less than out of pocket. Other programs will have limits on the duration of time spent on inpatient care available under your plan. 

In order to get the specific criteria of treatment requirements met, set up an assessment with a Las Vegas drug rehab. From there, they can help you to get in touch with your health care insurance provider for necessary care. 

Since 2010, rehabilitation and addiction treatment is recognized and protected under the Affordable Care Act. This law mandates that addiction is not a preexisting condition, and is applicable for coverage under a health insurance plan. Therefore, if you are currently uninsured, but need substance abuse rehab, you may qualify for financial coverage. This will be an important resource for financial support, and you can find more information through a Las Vegas Drug rehab specialist. 

Supporting Resources For Recovering Addicts in Las Vegas Nevada

Regardless of whether this is the beginning of your journey toward sobriety or a lifestyle you’ve maintained, staying sober is a choice. The best available resources for aid and support can be found through rehab centers in Las Vegas Nevada online services. Often there are live meetings and support groups within the community, available at multiple times and locations for convenience. 

The most popular recovery resources available can be found online and can provide ongoing support. Many are organizations such as: 

Alcoholics Anonymous: Numerous meetings and support groups are held throughout the state. They are conducted in a comfortable setting and are often welcoming and discrete. AA Meetings can be located by visiting their website. 

Narcotics Anonymous: This organization is designed as support and reinforcement for sobriety for those addicted to narcotics. While these are open to the public, times and locations may vary. Check out a list of local meetings nearest you.

SMART Recovery: SMART Recovery is recognized for its exceedingly popular virtual addiction and recovery support. Sometimes, we cannot always be physically together, however that is when we need to lean on each other. These virtually connected meetings are perfect during the uncertain times ahead and are conveniently attended whenever needed.  

Finding a Rehab Center in Las Vegas Nevada

The best thing you can do for yourself and those you love is to commit to getting sober.  Rehab facilities in Las Vegas have resources you’ll need to keep that promise to those you love and to yourself. If you are going to place your bet, place it on yourself and what you are capable of. 

Once you are sober, the payoff is more than you can imagine. Get invested in your future, take a chance on the sober you. To say you won’t regret it is one thing, but believe it or not, you may even enjoy the ride. Reach out today to get started on the most rewarding ride of your life. Your own sober life.