Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Addiction Interventionist?

Oftentimes, individuals suffering from addiction have a hard time recognizing the severity of their substance abuse. This can be extremely difficult for their loved ones to witness. This is especially true when the addicted individual continually refuses professional addiction treatment. As the individual continues to abuse drugs, their loved ones are left to wait and hope that they will realize they need help before it’s too late.

Thankfully, addiction interventions can be extremely helpful in these situations. Rather than just hoping and waiting, interventions allow the loved ones of an addict to convince them to attend treatment. However, interventions need to be facilitated by a professional.

Interventions often feel like a confrontation with the addicted individual. This may cause them to become defensive, combative, or even shut down. Professional addiction interventionists are experienced in guiding difficult conversations, allowing them to prevent the discussion from going awry.

When groups hire an intervention specialist, their interventions are more likely to be successful in convincing the addicted individual to go to rehab.

When is it Time to Hire an Addiction Interventionist?

When someone is struggling with addiction and refusing treatment, it can be difficult to decipher whether an intervention is needed. The addicted individual’s loved ones may be worried about intervening too soon, and in turn, causing the addict to push them away. However, there are several signs to look for that indicate a professional addiction intervention is necessary.

If an individual is displaying the following signs, it is time to hire an interventionist:

  • They suffer from addiction and a mental health condition (co-occurring disorders)
  • Their behavior has become aggressive, violent, or out of control
  • Thoughts of suicide have been expressed
  • They are experiencing significant financial issues as a result of their addiction
  • Their appearance has changed significantly due to substance abuse
  • They have begun isolating from friends and family
  • They have experienced an overdose
  • People know that they are using drugs, but haven’t found any proof
  • They have attended rehab in the past and relapsed
  • They have a history of trauma
  • Familial relationships have become strained due to the substance abuse

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Interventionist

When a struggling addict is refusing treatment, hosting an intervention may be necessary. Addiction is a dangerous disease, often leading to fatal consequences when left untreated. Because of the dangers of addiction, interventions must be planned meticulously and handled with delicacy. No one ever wants an addiction intervention to go south, however, without a professional’s help, this is likely to happen.

Addiction Interventionists Will Provide the Family With Addiction Education

The loved ones of addicts have seen how substances make their family members behave, however, they may not understand why. The family members of an addict need to understand the science behind addiction before attempting to intervene. Thankfully, an addiction interventionist can provide the family with this education.

By receiving education on addiction, the addict’s loved ones will begin to understand what drives them to abuse substances. Additionally, they will begin to understand some of the psychological and physiological reasons that their addicted loved one cannot stop abusing drugs. This will help the family during the intervention by showing the addict that they are understood, heard, and supported.

Professional Help With Enabling and Boundaries

One of the most important aspects of an intervention is the family committing to ending enabling behaviors and upholding boundaries. Without a professional addiction interventionist, many families would be unable to recognize which of their actions have enabled their loved one’s addiction. An interventionist can also help set and enforce healthy boundaries within the family unit.

They Will Facilitate the Conversations During Intervention

Oftentimes, addicts feel attacked when they are confronted about their substance abuse. If the addict begins to get frustrated or angry, this could cause their family members to react negatively as well. If this happens, the intervention can fail, and the family’s efforts are in vain.

Drug and alcohol interventionists are trained in crisis de-escalation, meaning they understand how to calm people down during heated moments. Hiring a professional interventionist will ensure that the conversations during the intervention remain healthy and helpful.

Treatment Planning Will Be Taken Care Of

Lastly, addiction treatment placement needs to be set up before the intervention is held. If the addict agrees to attend rehab, they should be able to head straight to treatment from the intervention. This prevents the individual from leaving, getting high, and ultimately changing their mind about attending treatment.

Unfortunately, finding treatment placement can be extremely difficult for the average person. There are so many factors to consider like insurance, treatment specialties, waitlists, and so on. Thankfully, drug and alcohol interventionists have connections to addiction treatment centers and extensive knowledge on what type of treatment certain individuals require. This allows them to set up treatment placements for clients with ease.

Get Connected With a Professional Addiction Intervention Expert Today

If your loved one suffers from addiction and is refusing treatment, it may be time to consider hiring an addiction interventionist. Addiction Intervention can provide you with help staging a successful intervention, finding family support services, and finding an addiction treatment center. Contact us today to get help for yourself or a loved one.

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